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US broadsides meet silent confidence from Xi

Xi Jinping has been relatively quiet in public on the question of China’s approach to the US and the overall US-China relationship. This is likely because he has no good options when it comes to dealing with the US, and silence preserves flexibility. However, recent signaling suggests that Xi wants China’s diplomats to firmly hold the line, and that new compromises or new concessionary offers are unlikely.
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China pivots hard to Europe, gets an earful

With US-China relations at a generational nadir – and still declining – and with China now emerging into a post-coronavirus stance, Beijing’s relationship with Europe is top of mind for China’s leaders. Chinese leaders appear desperate to secure political and economic connectivity with the Europeans – and their large markets, and their advanced technology – given that nothing is certain anymore with the Americans.
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Yet another new phase in U.S.-China relations

With 75 days to go before the US election, the US-China relationship looks to be entering a new phase. The rollout of disruptive new China policies by the Trump administration has reached a dizzying pace; nothing is off the table.
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Tit for tat, for what?

China’s reaction to the US closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston is in keeping with its previous strategy of matching US moves, but not escalating. All signals and messaging from the Chinese side indicate a preference for dialing down tensions, but Beijing does not have a willing partner in DC for pursuing this goal.
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