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  • Newsletter: Subscription to China Markets Dispatch, Trivium’s premium daily newsletter, covering the latest on macro, rates, credit, equities, commodities, and currency.
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  • Straight from Beijing: Our China-based analysis team monitors market and policy developments from the nation’s capital.
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  • Newsletter: Subscription to China Markets Dispatch.
  • Deep-dives: Four to six thematic notes per month covering policy intelligence, market and economy analysis, and political developments.
  • Analyst access: Ask us about China developments in real time.
  • Monthly briefings: Every month, we’ll call to walk you and your colleagues through our latest thinking on China and allow you to probe deeper into specific themes.
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  • All of the above: Everything in our Pro package, plus:
  • Bespoke research: Dedicated research hours from Trivium analysts and principals, devoted to policy developments, bespoke market or company analysis, or Chinese language media monitoring to support your understanding of how China impacts your specific investment portfolio.
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